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About our products

Our Philosophy

At One Theory, our mission is to create simple products that help you live purposefully, peacefully, and unapologetically--one day at time.
We're also here to help each other give back to our planet.
Each day is a new opportunity to be better than we were yesterday. Let's seize it, together.

Our formulas are ``naked``

Our formulas come as they are and do not contain perfumes, synthetic fragrances, or dyes to make them look or feel like something they aren't... and we're striving to do better.

Each ingredient serves a purpose

No fillers, no BS. Just plant-based formulas, rich with actives at optimal concentrations, plus intelligent supporting ingredients to give your skin a natural glow.

Our ingredients are people-friendly and earth-friendly

We always consider the best that science and nature have to offer us. We steer clear of questionable ingredients and obvious toxins--and do not test on animals (except us!)

Achieving completely sustainable packaging is a top priority

We're actively working to reduce our use of single-use plastics while balancing the need to keep our packaging shatter-resistant and portable. While we we’re working on it, we offset our impact by replenishing one of Earth's most valuable resources - its trees.

We source sustainably and give back

We responsibly source from ethical suppliers that are not contributors to deforestation and loss of critical habitat for people, plants, and animals. When you order from us you're also helping the planet stay green. We plant five new trees each time you order.

We strive for carbon neutral shipping

All One Theory shipments ship carbon neutral whenever and wherever possible. We also partner with reforestation organizations to minimize any negative impact our operations might have on our environment.